Vanilla 4 Preview

Dear Readers,

It’s been 1 year that we released version 3 of Vanilla, which provided numerous new innovative features such as an embeded search engine on report, multi thread management or Performance Dashboard. Version 3 has been adopted by many customers, and won some serious studies (I mean, real competition, far away from .G bullshit “analysis”) . Some of the major Telco, Bank & Government turned to Vanilla not only because the platform is Open Source, but mainly because Vanilla keep its promises in term of features, stability & performance.

Today, as a gift for the first birthday of version 3, I received the preview of Version 4, version we will make available as a public preview next month. Version 4 put again Bi Platform to a next level : in our French technical culture, when we increase a version number, it’s not for marketing reasons.

Vanilla 4 introduces a new Service Architecture Design, new UnitedOlap Server (that comes with numerous new native Olap functions), new Wysiwyg interface for FreeWebReport, many new features & supported documents for VanillaViewer and Wms support & Kpi/Dashboard/Maps integration. And as usual, Vanilla 4 is easy to use, with improved clean interfaces, for both users & developers.

We will take time to validate Vanilla 4, along with partners and few external contributors, to make it as playable as possible. During this time, we will update documentation and videos (yes : always available for free !) to make Vanilla accessible for the mass, as your favorite Services-oriented Bi platform

Have Fun !