Vanilla Air – R Tools

Dear Readers,

A fantastic update of Vanilla Air last week, R-Tools ! (thanks again Kevin !)

R-Tools is a first set of 6 functions/wizard to generate R code, with focus on recoding dataset :

  1. Date to Age Conversion : Switch a date to a number (age) … when you have a birthdate, you will get a number
  2. Age to Range conversion : From a number (age), create new classes (age range) … from a number, build a range
  3. New classification Group : Create new level in a dimension … for example : when you have country column and want a continent column
  4. New Calculated Column : Apply a calcul on a column … take an object, and apply a formula on it
  5. Filter Column : Filter your dataset … it will gives you a new dataset, filtered using your own filter
  6. Recode Column : Modify a column value, useful to correct wrong information in your dataset

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We will continue to add new wizard for R code generation, to help the masses to develop their own R program. There are so many areas to create Wizard interface : to create package (data package, function package), to embed geovisualization “in one click”, to help user to analyze their datasets or create their Markdown documents, etc ….

Technical note : those functions take benefit of 3 R packages : eeptools, dplyr and plyr

… some companies are building softwares – like we do – other are writing vaporware roadmap in powerpoint … just chose the right platform !

Have Fun !


Vanilla Air support from Vanilla Portal

Dear Reader,

Vanilla BI portal gets momentum, powered by Vanilla Air ! With version 5.2, we have finalized support of Vanilla Air Analysis (aka : Markdown documents) with Vanilla portal. This covers not only reports (that can be used to share official analysis that combines explanation and result of analysis), but also interactive dashboard. A must !

For Reports, you can have parameters like number (for a number of cluster) but also character (to change the clustering algorithm, for example)

For Dashboard, you can manage easily different statistical graphs and even combine analysis and map

Note : as usual, all those documents can be saved in our document repository, being indexed and accessible through the document management interface or through the search interface.

Note 2 : all those examples are available, those are samples we deployed with the Vanilla 5.2 server you can download from our Website

Have Fun !


Vanilla 5.2 Announcement

Dear Readers,

Vanilla 5.2 will be soon available, mid march (so, its in 2 weeks from now) with a set of new features that could make it a version 6, just read :

  • Vanilla Air is now integrated as a module inside Vanilla, making our Analytics engine available natively inside the BI and ETL stacks. Awesome ! we have done a clean, useful and consistent integration, its not a combination of different vendors software to have “Analytics + Visualization” in a bundle.
  • WebMeta is our new Web interface to create Metadata documents using just a browser. For immediate usage after platform installation ! This module allows designers to create Metadata on their own database without having to install anymore our java studio. Ideal at early stage of platform discovery.
  • Vanilla Viewer can now run interactive Vanilla Air document, giving the power to end user to setup and run their own Statistical analysis and predictive models from Vanilla portal.
  • Server update management : admin can now use an update mechanism to take benefit of the future patch we will publish on a centralized server. Its again a feature that will make your life easier.
  • Many New Features such as a centralized Maps manager, ETL consistency box, Workflow to process Air and R models, Olap Date calculation, KpiMaps calculcation, support for OData datasets, continuous support for latest Hadoop stacks, etc …


Keep connected ! We believe Vanilla 5.2, especially with its seamless integration of Analytics and New WebMeta interface, will help you to develop and deploy your BI  application even faster than today, with more features inside !

Have Fun !


Vanilla Air Presentation

I will present the Vanilla Air platform – the Analytics module available in Vanilla that runs R models – at Lyon R Meetup event on march 18th 2016.

During this session, I will introduce some of the news features of Vanilla Air such as Dataset exploration and visualization, integration within Vanilla, dynamic markdown development and social media datasource integration

More news on the R Lyon Meetup group and events

R-LyonMore news on Vanilla Air


Vanilla Air is the easiest platform available to develop and deploy R model at enterprise level. Its integration inside the Vanilla platform opens new usage to deploy interactive analysis for the masses

Have Fun !