Vanilla 5.2 – Introduction to WebMeta

Dear Readers,

Many times, after installation of a Vanilla server, users “want to see” : so, they can run the default reports available with the platform. But when it comes to view the result using their own data, the step is sometimes a little too high to get it : they need to install Vanilla Metadata Studio, sometimes fix a JVM issue or JAVA_HOME issue, then develop a Metadata on their database, publish it on the server, etc … it’s not complicated, but clearly : without assistance, it may takes some times.

With Vanilla 5.2, we provide a new module WebMeta, to solve this burden. WebMeta allows developers and early adopters to create their own Vanilla Metadata using a simple Web interface.

Vanilla WebMeta

Vanilla WebMeta

WebMeta doesn’t replace Vanilla Metadata studio, but is more for database connection testing purpose, usually after a first Vanilla installation, when developer want to  browse their own data without delay, and they have no time and no knowledge to install and run Vanilla Metadata

Data Source can be of any kind : database, Hadoop nosql database, text file, Web Services or Excel file can be source of data for the platform

 I created a simple video (1 mn) to introduce WebMeta

Have Fun !