Vaporware in the Cloud

Dear Reader,

I had strange discussion last week about “Cloud computing”, and I want to share it with you.

How can we imagine to have a Platform (not talking only about Bi platform) that runs in the cloud if this platform is single thread ? What a confusion between simple hosting & Cloud … and I’m not talking about SaaS/PaaS/IaaS new fashion technologies !
My advice on this subject is so simple : is your platform of choice capable of running multithread services ? Is your platform abble to run in a cluster of servers ? If answer is no, well … don’t expect your platform to run in the cloud … just expect to run multiple instances on different servers, without load balancing between servers. And honest, it’s definitly not the original architecture of “cloud ready” platforms.

Beeing serious about architecture on Internet, I can read so many marketing announcement from platforms that are “single theard”, without any thread allocation package.  It’s so disappointed, and disgracious in front of real “cloud ready” platforms.

A step further : your platform is now abble to run multi thread services (for example : reporting, etl). Just ask yourself where and how you define your architecture of thread/services/clustered servers. Is this in the document itself (for example : report, etl transformation …) ? Well … if it’s the case, good luck to manage your platform on the cloud … it means you have to go through documents to manage, right ?

Final step : is your “Cloud” platform compliant with a cloud framework, that will provide additional services such as resource invoicing, resource allocation, log & usage management … because if it’s not the case, how will you invoice back your customers ?

With Vanilla, we are not yet “Cloud Ready”. No shame to tell this. Vanilla is multi thread & cluster ready … with dynamic allocation of process to dispatched services (for report, metadata & etl services) and an admin package to manage clustered servers & threads resources, and it’s running pretty well ! Again, our position is to make the product before the marketing announcement …

Have Fun,