Talking about Search Algorithm & Interface

Dear Readers,

We worked hard on this subject : Search Algorithm & Search Interface, for both : Vanilla & AklaBox, and result is promising. Question was : “why this list of results when I type a keyword ?”. And also : “why a simple list ?”

“blablabla” … why the word count should be a key factor to move a document at top of the list ? Repetition of a word don’t make always the document accurate, except in brain washing mode, right ?

Why we should use a method like “most viewed documents are top of the list” ? Why the list should contain first the latest published documents ? Should we push the geographic zone or some author because they are famous ? I read that Google was pushing the Website that are “mobile ready”… does it make the document more accurate ? We can add many other rules to display the result … and we can restart from scratch : When I’m looking for a keyword, does the document need to have this keyword to be listed ? … just rethink this …

Why User profile matters when I search : What is a Skyline : a datamining subject or an airplane situation ? what is the cloud for an IT person or for a dreamer … Why my personal past search should influence my next results ?

Because we are talking about Search Engine (algorithm) and Search Interface, to work on our set of documents (either Reports / External document in Vanilla, or document / Web Site with AklaBox), the answer to those subjects have no limits but the user interface

On Search Algorithm, we put this outside as a dedicated component, easy to embed, easy to modify, easy to customized. We believe some customers need specifics algorithms to run their search, and they want to know and control this algorithm (that’s another subject : learning machin with search algorithm). Thanks to “R”, this subject is under control, with awesome results

In terms of Search Interface, this is some example of what is available : decision tree, maps, cluster …

AklaBox GeoSearch

AklaBox Mind Map Result

AklaBox Mind Map Result

We are talking about information, Knowledge Management … but what do we do with those information ? Do we use it to take the right decisions ? Do we always replicate the same behavior, to get the same results ?

… its a morning post about Search … so, it made sense to have questions ..

Have Fun !