Vanilla v4 (Post 10 on 10) – VanillaPlace

Dear Readers,

There no place – no software – like Vanilla Place ! Available in version 4, as a new perspective for Enterprise Services, Vanilla Place will make package deployment as easy to use as a 4 steps wizard can be !

Vanilla Place : our XMas gift to the Bi community

Vanilla Place leverage Vanilla package technology, which stand as deployable files that contain Vanilla document such as Metadata, Report, Dashboard, Cubes and any other related files (image, pdf, dictionary …).

Vanilla package are used to deploy a development between 2 servers, with the guaranty that internal reference (such as database connection or Ip server references) are translated during the deployment process. Import/Export of packages is already available in Enterprise Services and also in Hypervision (with Drag & Drop interface).

As we believe packaging is a key feature to deploy standard Bi development (in the cloud, but also in distributed environment), we already provide to community – as part of Vanilla Apps – a set of packages build on standard Open Source application such as OpenBravo, Mantis, VTiger, Sit, Glpi … but deployment process was not smooth enough for new adopters or people who “just want to see”.

Using Vanilla Place, you have a simple interface where you can choose your package, indicate where your database is located, select the objects you want to deploy … validated … its done ! The only component you need is a Vanilla server running on your network … but even for this, we have made it easy for you, as you can run our Vanilla Virtual Box Server or subscribe on Amazon for a Vanilla instance.

Vanilla Place Interface, from Enterprise Services

All in one, if you want to deploy Bi application worlwide, just choose Vanilla as your development studio, your application will be available after validation, for immediate access to any other Vanilla Site

Vanilla Place Package Deployment : Database Destination

Vanilla Place – sample content import (example for Glpi)

Result in Vanilla v4 portal

A simple document, just after deployment

Hope you will enjoy using Vanilla Place and some of you will contribute back to this new exchange place …

Have Fun !