From Business Intelligence to Information Management (part 4)

Dear Readers,

The Vanilla platform provides tools to manage various kind of document : any “standard documents” (office, pdf, xml) , media-oriented documents such as image or video and geo documents (such as geo data and various map formats : Flash maps, kml info, wms geo server …).

To manage those different documents, we provide different studio, which can make complex the first approach of Vanilla when dealing with “more than Bi” :

  • BiGateWay (just refer to previous post of this serie), is able to manage kml document to load maps info into our maps repository (tables)
  • BiWorkflow, provide feature to manage external documents in bulk such as loading/uploading all the documents from a network folder, a (s)ftp or any http(s) server … very convenient to build complex operation … an embeded workflow inside a bi platform !!!
  • Norparena package that take care of any other subjects, such as maps definition, address & building design, but also features to manage document indexation (remember : Vanilla embed Lucene as indeaxtion/search engine)
  • FreeMetrics package, that provides interface to geolocalise Kpi … finally any Bi developer can enjoy a studio to push kpi value on any kind of map, using a visual interface !
  • Eclipse PlugIns are available to make Maps & Kpi available in any Birt reports (flash or html maps) … no need to turn to any commercial package to enjoy maps integration inside your reports !

Maps Visualisation of a set of member measure, from an Olap View

Valuable Information not only stands in reports or database anymore. Blog, Mail, Video, external docs and maps contain rich information that are not yet leverage enough. But managing Information is not only pushing a search engine, intelligent maps, ocr recognition or any data mining process, it’s a global approach that should complies with company objectives. As a platform editor, we have to offer the largest set of integrated tools to help developer to achieve their project.

All those subjects – maps, video, indexation, geo-kpi – go beyond the simple “bi” features. In the next post of the serie, I will explain all thoses features, and how we use it to build complex data visualisation interface, using Vanilla portal, FreeDashboard, Birt, FreeWebReport & FreeAnalysis to display the documents and the data,

Have Fun !