From Business Intelligence to Information Management (part 6) – Solr/Lucene integration

Dear Readers,

Information Management is a subject in itself. Dealing with so many different kind of information can turn your day very difficult, so you need methods and tools to manage all the information flow. It’s common to read that most valuable piece of information are no more in reports, but rather in video, in post, in mail … all that information is difficult, nearly impossible, to manage with standard Bi platform, where limitation is sometimes at report level, sometimes at document level.

Vanilla embed Lucene as a search engine, which allow us to run keyword indexation on external documents and on created reports, like Birt reports. This feature – along with a powerfull Web search interface available in Vanilla portal – allow user to unlock their search strategy on document. It’s already a great feature, that can save user with hours when searching for an information in a pregenarted report. As an additional feature we provide the possibility to run an alert on specific keywords (shortly : you receive an alert when a report that contain a specific Sku is created, for example).

In parallel, as some of our customers are starting to evaluate or deploy Apache Solr/Lucene platform, we recently tried to combine the index (Vanilla/Lucene index and Solr/Lucene index), and result, thanks to Marc, is pretty interesting, as Vanilla is able to use an external Solr/Lucene instance as its search engine, making Vanilla compliant with any Solr/Lucene installation.

Based on those results, we can let Solr/Lucene do its job like indexing information everywhere, and we can easilly configure Vanilla to use the enterprise Solr/Lucene platform as its default search engine / index repository. Open Source in action … !!!

Feel free to join us at LuceneRevolution May 9-10, where we will introduce the Vanilla/Solr integration … a new amazing challenge for the Vanilla integration team !

Have Fun !