Update on Vanilla Liferay integration

Dear Readers,

Since its early version (january 2008 … 5 years ago), we have provided Liferay support and Liferay integration for Vanilla modules. At that time, it was with Liferay 4 as far as I remember, integration was a success, especially because Liferay and Vanilla do respect development standard, and share many Open Source libraries.

We just released an update of our integration component, to support Vanilla 4.2 and Liferay 6. Honest, this time, integration is even more easy, because of new Liferay IDE. It was a couple of week development process to get a clean integration, with Single Sign On support, that allow users to run Vanilla reports from the Liferay portal. We did suffer some compatibility problems with IE9 (solved !) … so, it’s running now on all 5 browsers.

As an image is worth thousand words, just enjoy those print screens. For those who are using Vanilla, you can notice that we have redeveopped the left prompt interface for filter modification, and – as usual – you can either view the lastest report or refresh your report

View of latest document


Refresh of Report content using dynamic filters


Export of Report


Once again, Open Source experience matters ! And real development skills makes the difference when it comes to do a clean integration between 2 Open Source Platforms. I have heard some System Integrators tried to do this integration on their own … I’ll be happy to compare the results …

Have Fun !


Next Level : FreeDashboard Embeded into LifeRay

Dear Readers,

We did it ! We have embeded a FreeDashboard document (both static and dynamic) into Liferay ! And its running well.

We are now in position to offer a Dashboard service that put together Pentaho xaction (basically reports and charts), FreeMetrics Alerts, FreeMetrics KPIs, FreeAnalysis Olap reports and any kind of label / picture / text into a consistent FreeDashboard document, with dynamic filter on top of it. This document can then be managed using Liferay document management services (PDF management, workflow of publication …)

All in one, you can now take benefit of the top features of each platform and provide any kind of layout to publish your results, then design high quality content to be published against your Liferay portail. Just think of this : for those of you who know Liferay ease of use and powerfull features, having a BI system embeded into Liferay, especially a Dashboard Management System, is the best things that could have happen to both world : BI and portails.

FreeDashboard document embeded into Liferay

Stay connected, this is just the beginning …

Have Fun !


FreeAnalysis embeded into Liferay

Dear Readers,

Some of you (early contributors) have already noticed that FreeAnalysis is now running under Liferay, as an IFrame. Having innovative technologies embeded into strong technologies bring immetiadly FreeAnalysis to a state-of-art position, and allow us to forecast enterprise-wide deployment, as long as offering new features such as Olap document management.

LifeRay is a cool portal, that has get quick and strong recognition from the market, leading to massive adoption in new Web2.0 application. While FreeAnalysis is also getting strong acceptance from the Olap market, by providing tools to design, deploy and use various Olap engines, it seems that our new embeded LifeRay Web Platform has reached an unforecasted level of maturity.

FreeAnalysis IFrame into LifeRay

Now, its time for us to deploy version 1. GA of the platform and provide more and more around the FreeAnalysis platform, because we want to keep providing advanced new breaking features to the Open Source BI market ! Coming back to “1.0 GA”, thanks to contributors coming from Venezuela to India, we have fixed some hiden bugs that will lead of to publish a last “Release Candidate 4” platform, before going to 1.0 GA. Then, “GA” has been postponed until the week of december 10th … but 2 weeks delay is nothing compared to unprecedent set of available usefull functions

Have Fun !