Vanilla for Smart Apps, global solution

Dear Readers,

Just an update on my previous posts about our new line of products Vanilla4Iphone and Vanilla4Android. Both application are available, and functional coverage is 95% the same (Vanilla4Iphone can run FreeDashboard document, but can’t display Flash graphs and Flash maps)

Just have a look at the quality of the interfaces, and the usability of the Apps, for access to business data.

Vanilla4IPhone – Olap Explorer

Vanilla4Iphone – Report Viewer

Vanilla4IPhone – Server Definition

Vanilla4Android – Flash Dashboard Viewer

Future of Mobile Bi on Iphone and Android, Smartphone and Tablet, is available today : it’s Vanilla !

Have Fun !


Vanilla for IPhone

Dear Readers,

We finally close this smartphone loop : Vanilla4IPhone is available for internal tests, and it looks already great !

Well, thanks to Vanilla Architecture & our Dev’s Team, Vanilla4IPhone was smooth to process : we had already the interface (from Vanilla4Android) and the server side components. New subjects was Objective-C language and some IPhone UI standard to follow.

Server Selection Interface

Simple Report Display

Vanilla4Android and Vanilla4IPhone will be available this month (on Android Market and Apple Store), along with the release of Vanilla version 3.4

… more to come in next post : Olap native Support, BarCode Reader …

Have Fun !