Introducing Vanilla-IcCube integration

Dear Readers

Regularly, in our way to develop an innovative Open Source Platform, we meet extraordinary people & products. It was the case in september, while travelling in South Asia for business meeting & Osspac Conference.

I had the opportunity to meet Marc Polizzi, the leader of the IcCube project, a small footprint Olap Server, who lives on a beautifull Island. Marc is developping IcCube Olap Server with David Alvarez, but I only meet Marc this time …

Both, we used to work in Switzerland in our previous business life, and I’m certain we may have crossed on some projects / customers in the 90’s. Both, we share the ambition to shake up the market with new product available at reasonable price.

After the discussion, I connected Marc with my dev team (because … well, I have no value added when it turns to tied integration) and within a week, we had a clean tied integration of IcCube with Vanilla / FreeAnalysis. It’s always amazing to see how java developers can collaborate & understand each others within minutes,
how my dev team had invested its time because of the frienldy relation with Marc, and also we were all delighted by the knowledge Marc had from Mdx language …

What a global satisfaction to be abble to provide the full support of IcCube with Vanilla 3.1 line. This integration was possible after a few days of development, because of the use of the FreeAnalysis Api, that stands as an middleware component between FreeAnalysis Web interface and Olap engine like IcCube or Mondrian.
Last, but not least, IcCube provide a native Excel interface for the Excel Addicts …

Just let me share with you some print screen of IcCube and Vanilla-IcCube integration.

IcCube Web Designer

IcCube Cube declaration using FreeAnalysisSchemaDesigner

FreeAnalysisWeb with an IcCube cube datasource

Have Fun !