A review of FreeDashBoard Web

Dear Readers,

Another visual post with some simple screenshots of our first FreeDashBoard Web Designer interface. FreeDashBoard Web Designer is the first Web Open Source Studio to design and deploy your DashBoards. This new package – available for immediate download – contains almost all the features available in FreeDashBoard Designer, our java package. Both package can work and share the same DashBoard using objects stored in our repository, which is usefull for maintenance tasks and team development.

FreeDashBoard Web is built on top of GWT Framework and make usage of GWT-Ext 2.0 extensions.

List of DashBoards
FreeDashBoard Web - list of DashBoards

“Pentaho compliant” Dashboard running from our Web interface

“Pentaho compliant” DashBoard

Web DashBoard Designer : step 1 / 3 – Template selection

FreeDashBoard Web Designer Step 1/4

Web DashBoard Designer : step 2 / 3 – DashBoard Design

FreeDashBoard Web Designer Step 2/4

Web DashBoard Designer : step 3 / 3 – Preview & Saving

FreeDashBoard Web Designer Step 3/4

FreeDashBoard Web Result

FreeDashBoard Web Designer Step 4/4

Have Fun !


A review of FreeAnalysis Web

Dear Readers,

Just some simple screenshots of our new FreeAnalysis Web interface. We delivered this new package (along with significant enhancements in Schema Designer such as Aggregate Table Wizard or Dimension viewer in SVG format) last week, and we get strong & good feedback from the community.

Freeanalysis Web is based on 2 keys components : GWT Framework and FreeOlap API. GWT – thanks to Google – allows us to standardize our Web 2.0 interface for all packages. FreeOlap API has something nice : its available and its running well (compare to another announced API we used to wait for months now).

We’ve recently seen that JPalo has also delivered their own Olap API (and we had some discussion with those people), meaning that the 2 major platforms have built their own API to delivere their new professional Web interface.

New Connection interface to choose your schema & cube

FreeAnalysis connection interface

Dimensions explorer & manipulation

FreeAnalysis Dimensions Explorer

Graphical Explorer

FreeAnalysis Graphical Interface

Views management

FreeAnalysis Views Management

Have Fun !


FreeMetrics joined our GWT set of platforms

Dear Readers,

After FreeAnalysis and FreeDashBoard, we finally closed the migration of FreeMetrics Web using GWT Framework. Previous version of FreeMetrics Web was based on Struts-Shale (summer 06). This ‘Shale’ version was nice (let’s say : Struts is very powefull), but we have decided to standardize all our Web platform on GWT.

In FreeMetrics Web, we have also embeded a chronoscope chart engine (so powerfull to display time values) and some other graphs technology (dynamic SVG to display relation between metrics, Gauge to display metric’s value)

Global interface

FreeMetrics Web GWT interface
Dynamic menu

FreeMetrics Web GWT tabulation interface

Chronoscope chart

FreeMetrics Web GWT Chronoscope
Gauge for metric’s value

FreeMetrics Web GWT tabulation Gauge

We hope you will enjoy this Web package

Have Fun !


FreeDashBoard & GWT

Dear Readers,

One of our developer just sent me some news of our new FreeDashBoard Web Wizard (see print screen bellow). In fact, GWT keeps its promises : we have a nice & easy Web 2.0 interface, something “user friendly” (and this is the most important).

We forecast to delivere this package within 2 or 3 weeks, after running basic tests and writting some documentation, but as date of this writting, we are very close to have the first Open Source Web DashBoard Designer package, and we are really proud of this !

GWT seems to be one og the most important decision we have made in terms of technology, I’ll come back to you later on this subject to explain in detail all the different subjects we covered using Google Web Toolkit. I hope this print screen will encourage you to choose FreeDashBoard as your de facto DashBoard platform and wait until Web package will be available.

FreeDashBoard Web Designer

Have Fun !


New FreeAnalysis Web – Preview based on GWT

Dear Readers,

Good technologies have to rely on strong technologies. And there are some new releases of software that automatically turn the previous version into a “so old version”. This is exactly what happened to me today when I received first screen shots of FreeAnalysis Web, GWT version (see bellow). 2 months ago, we took some risks, by stopping the heavy and costly development of FreeAnalysisWeb, Dojo version, to start a new development based on GWT.

Development using Dojo framework was hard to maintain, and it requiered java and javascript knowledge. Thanks to GWT, this is now “the past”.

There are so many new things in this preview of FreeAnalysis : it’s based on the FreeOlap API (thanks to Emmanuel), it is I18N compliant, we have used our experience from the first “dojo” web interface to enhanced the usability … and the result is there : when I received this screen shot (thanks to Gaël), I simply asked : “is this java or Web interface” …

First public release is forecast in 2 or 3 weeks, with the 1.1 release of the full platform … stay connected !

New login interface

FreeAnalysis Login
new User interface

FreeAnalysis User Web Interface

Have Fun !