Welcome to Vanilla Forms Manager

Dear Readers,

Forms is a key subjects when developers want to develop application that allow users to input data & validate process. It’s been a long time that we provide forms support inside Vanilla, either Google Forms, Orbeon Forms or FreeDashboard Forms.

Forms are used to develop input form when user want to run a report, set some parameters before running a BiGateway transformation, or validate a BiWorkFlow process (such as an order validation or any interactive process validation).

With forms going more popular, we had requests for a global forms management application that will provide method & interface to develop & manage :
– various forms with many instance for each forms, with validity date and numerous options
– link Forms to FreeDashBoard Forms and manage data persistance
– manage form deployment by security group and manage form data (global validation)

With this new module, it will be easy to develop application such as order validation per services, data input such as expensive management or requests for holiday, any kind of survey application, and take benefit of the Vanilla Platform to empowered the global data set.
Vanilla Forms Manager entered its last validation stage before going public, just have a look at some screen shots

Forms Instance Management

Mapping Forms Instance with FreeDashboard Forms

Forms Instance Persistance Definition

Forms Instance Data Management

Have Fun !