How to run Audit on requests with Vanilla (part 1)

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Something interesting with a Bi platform is the presence of audit function to analysis the query issued through the platform (to any kind of destination, such as sql database, olap database …). This post is the first of a serie talking about Audit, Performancance Audit & Platform Management.

With Vanilla, using Enterprise Services (an Open Source … thanks to the French Government initiative !), you can easilly control the different requests issued – per report & per group of user – using the Audit Perspective. Usage is so easy : you select one or more reports from the repository treeview – zone 1 – and drag & drop those reports in zone 2. Then, you select the groups for which you want to audit the different request statment – in zone 3.

Zone 4 of the image is the result : you can easilly view for a specific report the differents statments per groups, then control your security policy, detect a mistake in your Metadata join strategy, or even seea “no statment issued” if the group is not allowed to issue the request that built the report.

Enterprise Services – Audit Perspective

As usual, we focus on making the life easier to Bi developer and Bi Admin, by providing tools that reduce the development, validation & production cycle

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