Vanilla 3.4 – Maps Everywhere

Dear Readers,

I just get the second release for Vanilla 3.4, that comes in time with consistent new features. First of all, we still target to delivere version 3.4 in April, as announced previously … always a good sign when the editor is keeping his initial engagement …

This version provides maps integration everywhere, with 2 kinds of Maps support : Flash (FusionMaps) and GoogleMaps. Thansk to Pallav (FusionMaps) and his team, we have a consitent set of co-branded Maps, and especially 3 Top-to-down Maps : World-France-City (Paris, Lyon) that allows us to demonstrate the Maps-Drilldown feature.

Maps are managed in our address/maps repository, inside a new module – Norparena – that provides Alert Management, Content Management, Forms Management and Address/Maps Management. There is a slight difference between GoogleMaps and Flash Maps : with GMaps, we manage point, as opposed to Flash Maps where we manage Cells (workaround for performance issue when drawing cells in GMaps), but except this difference, the mechanism is the same, whatever the maps type.

After, you can design & display Maps using Birt (we provide native PlugIn integration), FreeDashboard and even FreeAnalysisWeb (Olap View/Maps integration). It’s again very simple with the Vanilla modules … and result is attractive.

WebDashboard with Maps & Graphs, with dynamic color coding

Another screenshot from the updated documentation … just because I like this serie of screenshots … (Thanks Charles !)

Have Fun !