Vanilla Mobile – V4 Update available for Ios & Android

Dear Readers,

Along with new Vanilla v4 version (server & designers), we have delivered an update of our Mobile Apps, for Ios (Ipad and IPhone) and Android. You can access those Apps on Android Market and Apple Store. Just go on Bpm-Conseil Web Site to access information page on Mobile features.

Those Apps, part of the Vanills Apps modules, are avaible in 2 distincts version : Free Version and Commercial Version. You can use the Free version to validate the features & usage of our Mobile Apps. By default, we provide a connexion to a Vanilla instance … anybody with an IPhone, IPad or Android can install the Apps and use it immediatly.

Classic Report using Android Smartphone

To use this Apps with your own Vanilla Server, just add a Server instance using the Menu … which allow any user to use his Tablet to connect to different Vanilla servers (as I do myself, switching from our internal Vanilla server at office to various Vanilla Cloud Instance when I’m travelling for meeting abroad)

Adding a New Vanilla Server interface

There is one single limitation with the free version : only 5 documents are available in the interface (documents published on the Vanlla portal). If you want full access to all your documents … just turn to the commercial version

Have Fun !



Vanilla for Smart Apps, global solution

Dear Readers,

Just an update on my previous posts about our new line of products Vanilla4Iphone and Vanilla4Android. Both application are available, and functional coverage is 95% the same (Vanilla4Iphone can run FreeDashboard document, but can’t display Flash graphs and Flash maps)

Just have a look at the quality of the interfaces, and the usability of the Apps, for access to business data.

Vanilla4IPhone – Olap Explorer

Vanilla4Iphone – Report Viewer

Vanilla4IPhone – Server Definition

Vanilla4Android – Flash Dashboard Viewer

Future of Mobile Bi on Iphone and Android, Smartphone and Tablet, is available today : it’s Vanilla !

Have Fun !


Vanilla for IPhone

Dear Readers,

We finally close this smartphone loop : Vanilla4IPhone is available for internal tests, and it looks already great !

Well, thanks to Vanilla Architecture & our Dev’s Team, Vanilla4IPhone was smooth to process : we had already the interface (from Vanilla4Android) and the server side components. New subjects was Objective-C language and some IPhone UI standard to follow.

Server Selection Interface

Simple Report Display

Vanilla4Android and Vanilla4IPhone will be available this month (on Android Market and Apple Store), along with the release of Vanilla version 3.4

… more to come in next post : Olap native Support, BarCode Reader …

Have Fun !


Vanilla for Android, Barcode Support

Dear Readers,

Vanilla for Android is cool ! Now, using your favorite Android Tablet or Smartphone, you can browse your report & cubes,and have access to your search engine and start your Bigateway transformation (etl) and workflow documents.

We have added a new crazy feature in the search interface : support of Android Barcode reader. Just imagine how this can unleash your usage of Vanilla documents, by providing immediate results while searching for a product in stock (drugs, foods) using its barcode, or checking a patient folder using only his registration barcode. It’s not only gadget, because barcode and other QR codes are available everywhere.

Barcode Feature

Just imagine how application can take benefit of this barcode reader to provide popular application on smartphone ! … where are the other bi / reporting applications (commercial or Open Source) on those new technologies ? … Well, I just forget to mention some of them have no developers anymore … they just reshaped their team with commercial & marketing managers …

Have Fun !

Development Evolution – from browser issue to Tablet solution

Dear Readers,

I remember 5 years ago when we started the development of our first Web application (at that time FreeMetrics Web, our first portal for Kpi), the choice of a Framework was not that easy. For some reasons, we decided to go for Struts-Shale. The development was not that easy, and we had issues between browsers.
After 1,5 years, we had 2 Web based applications developped using Shale : FreeMetrics and FreeAnalysisWeb. We had an important number of issues (compliance between browser, limitation in the interface), so we decided to move to another framework, Dojo, that gave us more flexibility, but still we had to manage multi browser issues and manage a lot of javascript functions.

In summer 2007, when we moved to Google GWT, version 1.4, it was a real shift : no more javascript coding, development using Eclipse & java langage, and a limited number of multi browser issues. For additional functions, we tried MyGwt, Gwt-Ext, but with the release of Gwt 2.0, all those subjects were cleaned : no more browser issues, all pure Gwt, Windwows-like features (D&D, Undo/Redo …) … finally, browser is not a subject, thanks to Google.

Last year, we have started Tablet projects … and history is a repetition. Apple IPad took the place of Netscape as the innovative leader (just to compare the browser emergence in mid 90s), but you need an Apple computer, Apple specific language to develop application that run only on Apple Tablet. Luckilly, the answer from Google with Android didn’t took 10+ years … it’s already available ! So, as a human-sized editor, we didn’t feel any pain to start developping Android application, using Eclipse PlugIn & emulator, and we are already abble to deploy to any kind of Android-compliant hardware, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Archos Tablet or Htc smartphone.

And our first application, Vanilla Mobile, got already interesting recognation from community & customers …
Have Fun !

Vanilla for Android, second edition

Dear Readers,

It’s time to go for mobile with Vanilla for Android, second edition ! We learnt a lot with the first release of the package, 2 months ago, especially with providing features using the Android standard menu or very simple interface for data exploration. Feedback from early adopters is so valuable for us.

Vanilla for Android, workspace for Apps

Now, in addition to providing access to any kind of reports, Vanilla for Android is abble to display olap cubes (multiple dimensions and measures) and contains a search interface on document content (to display all the reports that contain specific keywords)

Vanilla for Android, Olap browser

We have also revamped the connexion interface (server definition) to allow users to define multiple server connexion (easy when you deploy your Vanilla server on a cloud)

Vanilla for Android, Report browser

To use Vanilla for Android, second edition, you need the latest version of the Vanilla Platform (version 3.1+, development branch), but if you want to test it immediatly, we provide a server on the cloud,

Vanilla for Android, Search for Keyword in document interface

Mobile Bi should unlock access to any kind of information, in sectors such as hospital, universities, police & administration. Using Vanilla for Android, you can now have instant access to your favorite reports & cubes using a tablet or a Smartphone.

Vanilla for Android, Olap Views Rolodex

It required us a couple of minutes to deploy & run a Birt + FusionMaps report … WOW !!!

Vanilla for Android, Birt Report with FusionMaps

Personnally, I’m running the Samsung Galaxy Tab & Htc Desire (Smartphone) … manipulation is very easy, and tablet is solid and not that heavy.

Have Fun !

Vanilla for Android

Dear Readers,

We released today on Android Market “Vanilla for Android”, an application that allows users to run Vanilla reports from their favorite Android smartphone.

“Vanilla for Android” belongs to “Vanilla Apps” set of applications, and is available on Android market for free. To run this smartphone application, you need an Android 2.1 and Vanilla 3 platform.

Again, Vanilla development team like Google products. Some examples :
– our Web interfaces are built using Gwt framework,
– our Vanilla Kpi database can be used to display Kpi values on Googlemap
– we provide oda drivers to retrieve data from Google Spreadsheet and Google Table
– we support Google Forms to create & embed forms in our BiWorkflow package
– … and now, we have an Android application to display Vanilla documents …

Just have a look at screen shots, and don’t hesitate to send your feedback on this new package

Configuration Interface

Report with prompt

Report’s result

Have Fun !

Report with prompt

Report’s result