Vanilla 6 – RStudio AddIns for Vanilla Air

Dear Readers,

As part of Vanilla v6, you can find an update of Vanilla Air, our Analytics & Predictive module powered by R Engine.

Vanilla Air allows anybody writing R code to develop Data Mining programs taking advantage of a server-side infrastructure, and to deploy visualizations – powered by Markdown – using Vanilla portal.

To speed up Vanilla Air adoption as a service to deploy R Code, we provide now an AddIns for RStudio to allow RStudio developers to create their code from this IDE and deploy it on Vanilla Air (as a comparison, we took years ago the same approach with BIRT, when we released a Birt plugin in to deploy on Vanilla Bi server)

Vanilla Air Addins comes with 2 AddIns :

  • Vanilla Air share : AddIns to export R code on Vanilla Air repository
  • Vanilla Air import : AddIns to import R code from Vanilla Air repository

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Vanilla Air Addins allows R developers to keep using RStudio as their favorite R development studio, while taking advantage of Vanilla Air to share code at enterprise level, enjoy some convenient wizards to create Markdown document and deploy it on Vanilla Bi Portal

Have Fun !


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