Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 10 – WorkFlows

Dear Readers,

Worflow, as we see it in dataming, has key objectives, such as process automation, orchestration of operation, batch comparison of algorithms performance, etc …
As a software editor, we have interesting experience with Workflow, starting with Vanilla biWorkflow, then writting Web WorkFlow interfaces for AklaBox, Vanilla Hub and now Vanilla Air.

Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 10 – WorkFlows
WorkFlows interface is at same level as resources. By clicking on “+”, a new workflow will be created on the workplan

WorkFlow contains box of different type and different objectives :

Taking dataset into the WorkFlow, with Data Air script and DataSet selection


Data Manipulation, with recoding features


Runing standard algorithms on data


Building visualization on data


Workflows are easy to build, full featured using box that developer drag & drop on workplan, and easy to insert in a scheduler plan, to start automatically at regular intervals.

Have Fun !

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