Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 9 – Parameters

Dear Readers,

A key subject in any program is to make the program dynamic, with easy to use prompt & filter, to enable dynamic selection by user at runtime.

Vanilla Air makes it easy to add and manage parameters, global parameters and parameters inside your R programs, with support for any type of parameters (data entry, list selection, multi selection …)

Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 9 – Parameters

Parameters Management

The parameter interface, available from the left menu (below workspace and variables) allows developer to create and manage parameters that will be used in Markdown scripts, to make it interactives.

Air Parameter Interface

To create a parameter, please enter its name, definition, type and default value.

Parameter type is important, as it will impact on runtime interface behavior (list box, entry box …) .Parameters have also a default value (if available)

Air Parameter Interface Type

Parameters Usage

In workspace, for Markdown scripts, follow this syntax : Command {$P_nomduparametre} in scripts. Example :

Air Parameter WorkSpace Usage

The result is awesome ! It gives opportunity to end user for a vast range of simulation, when prompt for parameter’s value 🙂

Have Fun !


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