Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 8 – Markdown support

Dear Readers,

Doing the right data analysis is already a subject. But beeing able to share its result is also another key subject. There comes Markdown, a fantastic package to turn any R analysis (including its charts and graphs) into a Word, PDF or Html document.

Vanilla Air makes it easy to turn any of your R programs into a Markdown document, removing the burden to install Markdown package, lateX package, etc …

Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 8 – Markdown support

  • Markdown is a R package installed by default
  • Markdown is like R script + output formatting
  • Markdown provide an easy way to create document in office format (html, pdf, word)
  • Markdown allows developer to create dynamic document


Example : Create a Markdown script for a project, using any dataset

  • Create project “Cars1993”, using the dataset « car93 » (or any sample dataset)
  • Add a script
  • Run the script from interface
  • Switch to MARKDOWN format using the specific icon



  • Use the predefined Markdown template

Air Markdown Template

  • Save it under another name
  • Modify the script : Add the R command to get dataset summary.

Air Markdown Summary

  • Run the script using the different format

Air down Run Format

  • View the results

Air Markdown View Format

Now any data Analyst can merge his R program result with his comment & explanation, making his work more easy to understand for the mass 🙂

Have Fun !