Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 7 – WorkSpace Features

Dear Readers,

Code generation is so helpful, especially when it comes to speed up development process, using best of the bread algorithms and data cleaning functions. But Vanilla Air is first a Web development studio, with a pleasant workspace and nice to have features for developer.

Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 7 – WorkSpace Features

On the right side of the code area, you have a series of icons which provide access to R-Tools (ee previous post about R code generation), list of variables, history of command, Markdown wizard, undo/Redo and trash can management.

Air WorkSpace Icons

Please try those icons, make you own opinion about R-Tools, Markdown Wizard (see next post), etc .. . reading is something, trying is always a different challenge.


On the right side of the panel, you have thumbnails

  • R Log interface : the first thumbnail, which cannot be closed
  • Screens to display the code – R and Markdown code
  • Screens to display markdown result : PDF, Word and HTML rendering

Air WorkSpace Thumbnail

When you click on one of this thumbnail, the thumbnail content is displayed on the main workspace : either R program or markdown visualization.

Keeping the interface pleasant, with useful development features, is a key challenge for wide adoption.

Have Fun !


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