Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 6 – R Code generation

Dear Readers,

This series of post is not about R programming. There are dozen of interesting tutorial on R available on the Web, and sometimes subject is not to know about R itself, but rather to understand what is data mining, how to understand a specific algorithm result such as a correlation or a K-Means.

Vanilla Air provides Code generation interface and wizard to create complex R portion of code, in 2 different parts of the platform

Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 6 – R Code generation

From dataset interface, when you run the dataset exploration (see tutorial 4), you can have the mouse rolling over the graph to display a Code Generation Tooltip, that will push the code generated to create the chart inside your current program. Note : you need first to create a R program from the workspace interface


From the workspace interface, to work on dataset, we provide a series of tools to recode your data, that will generate the R code for you


A Web development studio for R that generate complex R code for you … amazing :)

Have Fun !


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