Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 3 – DataSet definition

Dear Readers,

Analysis, Predictive, Statistics, Data Mining … its all about data. So we need data ! 🙂

Vanilla Air provides an intuitive interface to connect to numerous data sources, from Excel/csv/xml to any Sql database and even Nosql database such as hbase, cassandra, mongodb …

Dataset interface has 2 major interests :

  • Define dataset, database connectivity  -> bring data into the studio
  • Discover datas, play with data, eventually create code to manipulate data -> Understanding data content will allo better analysis

We make it easy for you to take any dataset on the platform and we provides also wizard to ease the initial dataset analysis.

Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 3 – DataSet definition

Air Dataset Definition

You can see again an instant advantage : no head ache to connect to data, no head ache to browse your data and start with some interesting visualization

Have Fun !



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