Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 1 – Platform Installation

Dear Readers,

Lets start to explore together Vanilla Air, with a series of tutorials to help you to start (installation, configuration) with the platform.

Vanilla Air – Tutorial Part 1 – Platform Installation

  • Download from Bpm-Conseil Website

  • Unzip the Archive

Please install in directory without space in the name (so, avoid an extract inside “My Documents” …)

Please be certain to have the JDK 1.7 installed and configured on your workstation. If you don’t have a JDK installed and configured, your server will not be able to start.

Vanilla Air Connection

Not difficult, right ? It’s true you may encounter some issues with your java version, and also with the standard tomcat port (8080) that may lead you to additional configuration. But for most of the installation, it’s up & runing in 5 minutes 🙂

Have Fun !



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