Mosc2016 : a Place to Be !

Dear Readers,

Malaysia Open Source Conference was really a Place to Be this year ! Thanks to Haris, who did his best to restart the conference after some years of troubles, we were able to enjoy a social moment, sharing about Open Source, student programs, community and government support, private companies success (Abyres is getting momentum … they deserve their own success), the future of Open Source, networking between attendees, true human moments to share about how to speed up knowledge and Open Source recognation.

I was also a witness of UKM-Abyres agreement signature, even impact is not for today, its soon there : tomorrow, students can enjoy professional training programs with Open Source technologies and professional trainers from Abyres.

Personal side, I got a slot to introduce Vanilla Air, our new Analytics module to develop and run R and Markdown programs. It was fun to discuss with some attendees about the switch from SAS to R, how to approach a data lake project, etc … honest, I was sad to leave before the end of the 3 days sessions, because of other business engagements, as I would easily have spent the 3 days onsite, talking about R, Vanilla Air, Data Mining & Big Data, Data Lake …  it looks like it’s the right time for Malaysia to move to those technologies and platforms.

Personal side, I was also very happy to rebound with long time Open Source promoters (even some are now retired … time flies !), and new people joining the Malaysian Open Source community (thanks again to Reza for driving me back to KL)

I wish to be back in 2017, for the global event,

Have Fun !