Tenders !

Dear Readers,

It’s been a fantastic 2016 year so far, with Vanilla v5 and Vanilla v5.2 ! We kept our promises, we delivered, we are still on board ! Our customers are a fantastic source of motivation and inspiration … the Team behind the Vanilla project is doing an awesome job, a unique combination of skills and motivation, the team is growing in number and in experience, to deliver on time our projects,


My company – Bpm-Conseil, the company taking care of the Vanilla project (but not only) – was awarded 3 times during Q1-2016, tenders with 6 numbers in euros (on top of 3 tenders results, so : as of today : 100%), public tenders for standard BI platforms or Platforms “Bi oriented” with custom development in addition. Tenders about data !!!

We loves public tenders … I mean open tenders, where every competitor has a chance to win, roughly said !


Those awards are both : a SIGN and a RECOGNITION : Vanilla provides all the expected features, and Bpm-Conseil – in France – our partners – abroad – are able to deliver & keep our promises !


We are providing an Open Source platform, a global platform to manage document and data, with Mdm, Etl, full Bi, Maps and Kpi, 100% secured platform, 100% compliant with Hadoop & Big Data, with Analytics inside, at reasonable cost (for support & Hypervision monitoring package).

Don’t ask yourself if you are ready to move to Vanilla : just review why your company didn’t already turn to Vanilla, for better , with respect to your data & budget,

Have Fun !