Vanilla Air – R Tools

Dear Readers,

A fantastic update of Vanilla Air last week, R-Tools ! (thanks again Kevin !)

R-Tools is a first set of 6 functions/wizard to generate R code, with focus on recoding dataset :

  1. Date to Age Conversion : Switch a date to a number (age) … when you have a birthdate, you will get a number
  2. Age to Range conversion : From a number (age), create new classes (age range) … from a number, build a range
  3. New classification Group : Create new level in a dimension … for example : when you have country column and want a continent column
  4. New Calculated Column : Apply a calcul on a column … take an object, and apply a formula on it
  5. Filter Column : Filter your dataset … it will gives you a new dataset, filtered using your own filter
  6. Recode Column : Modify a column value, useful to correct wrong information in your dataset

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We will continue to add new wizard for R code generation, to help the masses to develop their own R program. There are so many areas to create Wizard interface : to create package (data package, function package), to embed geovisualization “in one click”, to help user to analyze their datasets or create their Markdown documents, etc ….

Technical note : those functions take benefit of 3 R packages : eeptools, dplyr and plyr

… some companies are building softwares – like we do – other are writing vaporware roadmap in powerpoint … just chose the right platform !

Have Fun !