Vanilla 52 – Now

Dear Readers,

Vanilla 5.2 is available today, Easter Monday, with major new features such as WebMetadata Interface, Vanilla Air – our Analytics component – integration and a refreshed Kpi & Maps interface with central Maps management

  • WebMetadata should make it easy for anybody to start with Vanilla : no need anymore to install the Metadata development studio to start connecting your own database. Once server is installed, you can build your own analysis – developer or power user – using only your Web browser (including Analytics)
  • Vanilla Air – our Analytics platform – is now part of Vanilla 5.2. What a change in the game ! Vanilla Air is a browser-based R development studio with advances features to develop interactive Markdown document. Full integration : those documents can be published and indexed inside the Vanilla portal
  • Kpi & Maps together, powered by Vanilla Kpi database, is also a crazy new feature as anybody need maps to visualize its Kpi, and we provide now more, with kpi calculation on the maps (difference, evolution, comparison). Best of the bread : all the maps available in any Vanilla interface (Dashboard, Report, Cube, Kpi Maps) are now managed from a single Web interface,


You can watch the Vanilla 5.2 Pitch Video

Have Fun !


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