Vanilla runs on SSD

Vanilla :

  • we are Serious : in our business, in our development approach & roadmap … we don’t confuse platform & roadmap … we are SERIOUS
  • Vanilla is Secured : who can break Vanilla platform ? Vanilla rocks !!! Vanilla meets expectation & promises : its 300% guaranty : customers want a result … we keep it easy !
  • we Deliver : our integration team will help you to deploy Vanilla ! Simply, because Vanilla rocks ! That’s our promise. And we keep it. ALWAYS

What else ? Serious, Secured, and we Deliver … forget bullshit marketing campaigns, forget bullshit Gx quadrant, it’s not magic, its just bullshit ! … its not BI : its visualization ! Keep on board !!!

Today, Vanilla powers Military department, Defense Ministry, Finance Ministry, Private Bank and Nation wide Financial institution, Hospital & Hospital Network, Firemen Organisation, Police Department in numerous contries …. Vanilla rocks ! Vanilla delivers ! Vanilla is Secured !


Have Fun ! … just review where you burn your budget, why you burn it, who take benefit of it ! … 200% it’s not your users !!!



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