Vanilla 5.2 – Centralized Maps

Dear Readers,

Years ago with Vanilla 4, we introduced Maps inside our Bi documents, because we do believe a map is worth hundred of reports. First integration was inside Dashboard, then inside cube, using geo-dimension definition.

Maps support has grown continuously, sometimes with new maps format integration (using our ETL, support for shape file, and recently support for gtfs file), sometimes with new supported technology and framework (after GoogleMaps, we added in Vanilla 5 support for OpenStreetMaps), somtimes with new modules : Vanilla 5 comes with a refreshed Kpi module, that contains maps to display Kpi.

Unfortunatly, Maps definition was everywhere, especially inside every Dashboard. So, with Vanilla 5.2, we have changed this approach and created an interface to define maps, to be used everywhere : in report, dashboard, cube and kpi. Again, we can do it because Vanilla is not a bundle of different modules grabbed on internet : we know our code, we know how API.


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As a good news never comes alone, we have also developed a specific interface to manipulate Maps & Kpi. Its part of Vanilla 5.2, and soon the subject of another post 🙂

Have Fun !



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