Vanilla 5.2 Announcement

Dear Readers,

Vanilla 5.2 will be soon available, mid march (so, its in 2 weeks from now) with a set of new features that could make it a version 6, just read :

  • Vanilla Air is now integrated as a module inside Vanilla, making our Analytics engine available natively inside the BI and ETL stacks. Awesome ! we have done a clean, useful and consistent integration, its not a combination of different vendors software to have “Analytics + Visualization” in a bundle.
  • WebMeta is our new Web interface to create Metadata documents using just a browser. For immediate usage after platform installation ! This module allows designers to create Metadata on their own database without having to install anymore our java studio. Ideal at early stage of platform discovery.
  • Vanilla Viewer can now run interactive Vanilla Air document, giving the power to end user to setup and run their own Statistical analysis and predictive models from Vanilla portal.
  • Server update management : admin can now use an update mechanism to take benefit of the future patch we will publish on a centralized server. Its again a feature that will make your life easier.
  • Many New Features such as a centralized Maps manager, ETL consistency box, Workflow to process Air and R models, Olap Date calculation, KpiMaps calculcation, support for OData datasets, continuous support for latest Hadoop stacks, etc …


Keep connected ! We believe Vanilla 5.2, especially with its seamless integration of Analytics and New WebMeta interface, will help you to develop and deploy your BI  application even faster than today, with more features inside !

Have Fun !


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