Vanilla 5.2 – Air integration

Dear Reader,

Integration of Vanilla Air inside Vanilla BI opens the door to new kind of application and simplifies the approach when it comes to start Analytical subjects. Providing more than Olap/Analysis and giving the control back to users to run their own models are just some of the initial features anybody can now envision.

Vanilla Air itself provided already a lot : running R engine, markdown integration to create custom analytical documents, enterprise deployment, package management, workflow, etc … seamless integration put now more on the table : Metadata support as datasource, Vanilla Analysis has default cube browser and best of the bread : dynamic markdown documents available inside Vanilla viewer.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Its very difficult to explain in a few lines the interest of markdown, so its even more difficult to explain the impact of markdown integration with Vanilla. To keep it simple, Markdown allows designer to create interactive documents that combine user explanation and R visualization. I created a simple video (1 mn) to present Vanilla + Vanilla Air (using Markdown) integration : Vanilla 52 Air integration

Have Fun !


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