Vanilla 5 is officially available !

Dear Reader,

Vanilla v5 is available … finally ! … well, with “some delay”, we have to admit … but result is awesome !

Still some subjects¬†to fix on our WebSite, like the server is more 1Gb, so our drupal Website is not happy … we put the archive on ftp account … but we kept our promise : version 5, LTS version, will meet your expectation in terms of features, reliability, cost effective, performance and scalability !

I was in KL last week to conduct a training with very nice people … its amazing to see Version 5 ran during the full week like a charm, and learning curve is very good for trainees.


Below some of the version 5 new features :

  • Vanilla Portal : OpenStreet Maps support for any documents, multi documents aggregation, document sharing using AklaBox, export Dashboard to PDF or Word format
  • Vanilla Metadata Explorer : users can now explore their metadata model from portal, aggregate it, turn it into cube and run data mining analysis on it
  • Vanilla Kpi update : using our experience on KPI projects, we have redesign Vanilla Kpi to meet latests standard and user requirements when it comes to deploy BSC or KPI projects.
  • New AddIns Excel components to access and run your cubes, reports or Kpi from your Excel interface
  • Big Data support. Vanilla has been certified on Hadoop (Cloudera & HortonWorks) and certified on Spark (Databricks)
  • BIRT 4.3 & 4.5 support, report designer and report engine,
  • Update to Solr5¬† with latest support of Solr5 advanced functions
  • R integration and support, to run predictive and analytics models on top of Bi data model
  • Lot of new features for Vanilla Viewer, Metadata, Dashboard and Olap Designer
  • Review of platform component : optimization of BI core and the ETL core for monitoring, clustering and scalability

Have Fun !