Vanilla 5 – Migration Services

Dear Readers,

It’s amazing to notice we got an impressive number of incoming calls and contacts for BI migration projects.

Migration of a project is always something difficult : usually, customers have already invested to buy an expensive commercial BI platform, and invested a lot of time in their Datawarehouse & Bi Platform. So it’s not easy to tell them “let’s restart”.

It’s amazing, because we have a dedicated services to help customers to migrate their legacy BI platform for years now, with interesting migration projects from Cognos and Business Objects to Vanilla. This team “live its life”, doing some projects, getting more and more experience, but as we don’t promote this activity, it’s just a silent activity.

But recently, incoming call are more to discuss about Open Source migration platforms (Jasper, Pentaho, Talend) … so situation is different, and it’s also much easy to discuss about such migration, because we can access the documents and run migration scripts. Why they want to run away from such Open Source BI platforms is not the subject of this post … maybe a next post … but there are valuable reasons to run away now.

Usually, the DataWarehouse (including ETL transformation) is the second part of the project. We always start with the visible part : BI plaftorm, taking the existing documents and adding interesting features like Maps, Olap Viewer, Html5 support, etc … Vanilla portal can run JasperReport and BIRT report, so this is the easiest part of the project … this can be a smooth migration, as we do provide support of existing development (it’s a key subject)

About ETL, situation is confused those days (I will not comment the Talend situation, neither the absorbtion of Kettle by HDS). Customers are reviewing their strategy when they have already invested a lot in their ETL  backbone … and ETL is not visible for end users, so they don’t understand easilly the interest of such migration.

If you have some migration questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a mail …

Have Fun !


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