Vanilla 5 – New Features 11 – Release Strategy

Dear Readers,

Last year, first in may, then in september, it was an important decision to postpone Vanilla 5 delivery, because it was not “bullet proof”, and other subjects like documentation & Website update were not available. This decision had impact : we kept silent, and we work hard on Vanila 5 (no comment on other editor’s strategy). Our integration team started using it for our projects, and some partners get early access to Vanilla 5, with nice messages.

During this year, we use Vanilla to develop, we make it stronger, we added some features to make it easier to use (like maps and olap view inside kpi interface), keeping in mind we are going to release it. We reviewed also the packaging, to separate the Core BI modules and the ETL modules, and we developped a specific version Vanilla Big Data Analysis.

Vanilla 5

Vanilla 5

We took also this additional time to develop 2 new modules : Vanilla Hub and Vanilla for Excel … we are in peace with version 5, it’s already deployed for most of our customers, with only good feedback. Version 5 will be the most important release for Vanilla, maybe also the most difficult to achieve … it was a long journey, but we are soon reaching the promise land ! Early version is available from our WebSite, in the download section, don’t hesitate to download it to enjoy a fresh BI platform, with cool features !

Have Fun !



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