AklaBox Search Engine Update

Dear Readers,

Such a Fresh and Fun update from the AklaBox development Team, french side (Thanks to Kevin & Brice) : we reviewed the search aproach, to bring more that list result or maps results (ok, Maps result is already exciting, but we already do it, so … let’s do more !) … and I really appreciate what Kevin (Ph side) published as thumbnail for this news

AklaBox Easter Edition

AklaBox Easter Edition

The Easter Edition of AklaBox put together the best of Solr and R to run search, cluster the search result set and display it in a mind map interface, providing more than a simple search, with result in list. Algorithm (written in R) can be customized : you have now the possibility to influence how the search engine will manage, sort, split the result set !

AklaBox Mind Map Result

AklaBox Mind Map Result

It’s running inside an Hadoop instance, to take advantage of Solr/Cloud and Hdfs, and the development – at Api level – will be replicate soon for Vanilla, Search Engine Interface.

Have Fun !


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