Vanilla 5 – New Features 10 – Internet Of Things

Dear Readers,

We worked a lot on the new area for data lake / data ocean : Internet of Things :

  • data logger, sensor, real time data from Point of Sales, internet trafic analysis, social media behavior & web site content, weather & maps, economic & financial data, legacy data
  • search engine, data analysis, cluster of data, data model & data forecast
  • data visualization : graphs, maps, analytical advanced display, etc …

We are proud to provide an early version of  Vanilla 5, Big Data Analysis, a dedicated platform built on top of Vanilla 5, to provide data analyst with the tools & platform to collect, store, transform, analyze and display data coming from numerous sources, in various format.

Subject is no more to collect data and store it in Big Data : subject is to provide analysts with additional data (weather, maps, finance, economic are “standard”) and to allow them to build analytical business model on those blended data, then run process to analyze those data and display result through human interfaces.

Vanilla 5

Vanilla 5

Even it’s early version, we have already customers who believe in our project and decided to move to Vanilla 5, Big Data Analysis : this cover customers from Pharmaceutical industry, Hospital sector and Retail Business. Data Analysis challenge is there : don’t miss a chance to enjoy playing with your data soon !

Have Fun !