Vanilla 5 – New Features 9 – Vanilla Hub

Dear Readers,

Let’s talk about a key new component available with Vanilla 5 : Vanilla Hub, which is our new module for EAI, Real Time Data Integration and Data Exchange

Vanilla HUB

Vanilla HUB

Vanilla Hub solves a lot of problems :

  • Real Time Data Integration, as a secure path for data inside a datawarehouse database
  • Able to accept and manage Web Services requests coming from external platforms, for both :
    • data input : data sent to Vanilla Hub, multiple format available
    • data request / data output : web service request for data exposed as Web Services on Vanilla Hub
  • Able to accept unstructured data format, together with standard data file such as sql dataset, web service or xml data file
  • Able to run custom API that can process complex transformation on data file (such as Xml data file transformation)
  • Compliant & able to start both Vanilla WorkFlow and Vanilla Gateway, based on cron or events

Vanilla Hub provides an easy and clean interface to declare custom API that can process data input coming from Web Services or complex Xml data file.

No need to write complex ETL transformation that will be processed by Workflow : just write a custom API (there are easy development tools and Api to process Web Services and Xml data files) and deploy it inside Vanilla Hub : it will run like a charm and process your data, together with providing Admin with Log Analysis, Flexible deployment (support for various methods to accept requests)

Have Fun !