Vanilla 5 – New Features 8 – Packaging, WebSite, Platforms

Dear Readers,

Vanilla 5 comes with new packaging : h2 server (in parallel of the standard mysql and pgsql servers), that can be downloaded and deployed in few minutes. This will make easier the first discovery of Vanilla, for those who want to see the portal and some of its awesome features (olap browser, maps in dashboard, aggregation of multiples reports …).

In fact last h2 package we provided was with Vanilla 3, “a few” years ago” (september 2010), a package that had annoying limitation (no olap support), With Vanilla 4, our tentatives with other embeded database such as derby were also “so so” : multi thread problems at database level (very annoying to run a report, an etl process and an olap view, even in demo mode !), so we offered for download a VBox server … but some of our contacts had problems with Vbox … so difficult to please everybody when you have worldwide downloads.

H2 server is available from our WebSite,, in the download section.

For those who visited our WebSite, I’m certain you have noticed the refresh version of our Website, with more focus on our strengths : Full Open Source Platform (server and designer), Kpi Module, Excel Add-Ins, Big Data Integration, Internet Of Things dedicated platform (with multiples connectors to various source of information). At a key moment of our project, it was important to update our WebSite to have it align with our platform position. I was amazed by the good feedbacks from friends & partners with this WebSite (some liked the References we displayed, important companies and governmental agencies, where other liked more the “products” section, and enjoyed putting an image on some of their mail contact).

Bpm-Conseil Website

Bpm-Conseil Website

Last subject in this “packaging” post : we have clarified our offer, software side, and aligned our packaging with our offer : in addition to Vanilla Bi (which provides core Bi services), we propose now Vanilla ETL (a platform with Mdm/Etl/WorkFlow/DataQuality services) and Vanilla Big Data Analysis, a certified platform with standard and advanced services for both Big Data support and Internet Of Things support,

Have Fun !