Vanilla 5 – New Features 6 – Some Portal New Features

Dear Readers,

In this series of posts to expose Vanilla 5 New Features, let’s have a look at some interesting features available from the portal (this comes in addition to global features like OpenStreetMap integration)

AklaBox Integration, Publish to AklaBox

AklaBox is our primary choice for Document Management, as it has been developped by our team in Philippines. Integration with AklaBox allow any user to push a report on the cloud or on its private instance of AklaBox, to share the file with external partners, for example. Sharing information is now a native feature inside Vanilla, no need to save the report and send it by mail anymore …

Push to AklaBox

Push to AklaBox

Multi Reports combination

This feature allows user to create a virtual document built with various predefined report, to behave like a single document. Beeing able to create such combination of document is useful when you want to create a bundle of reports to send as Pdf to some other users, or if you want to run multiples reports by running only a single portal item. To be transparent : origin of this feature is a Business Objects to Vanilla migration project, but it’s still a very useful feature !

Multi Reports Feature

Multi Reports Feature

Dashboard, Olap Viewer integration

This is an upgraded & enhanced feature, as it was already available in Vanilla 4. With Vanilla 5, we have integrated a custom Olap viewer as on object inside a dashboard document, with options to allow users to manipulate/explore the olap interface directly from the Dashboard. This is really impressive, easy to develop, and useful, as the Olap Viewer can take the Dashboard selection as parameters

Dashboard Olap Viewer

Dashboard Olap Viewer

Dashboard, export to Pdf or Word

A long time requested feature : to be able to save a Dashboard as PDF or as a word document. It will allow users to freeze their exploration and save a snapshot of the dashboard content.

Export to PDF or Word

Export to PDF or Word

Save & Reuse Queries

With Vanilla 5, user can create their own queries using Metadata Explorer. It’s the same feature we had already in version 4 for Bi developer, as they were able to create and publish predefined queries in the Metadata document. All those queries can now be used as datasource with Vanilla Report, our Web module to create reports. Reusing Queries is also a factor to improve user productivity

Saved Query as Datasource

Saved Query as Datasource

Export to R & Weka

From the Web interface Metadata Explorer and Web Analysis (Olap), you can export your resultset or your grid in csv format or directly in arff format (Weka),

Excel, R and Weka Export

Excel, R and Weka Export

This is just a sample of the new features from portal, as we strongly believe portal should provide more than just a way to run reports …

Have Fun !


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