Vanilla 5 – New Features 5 – OpenStreetMap integration

Dear Reader,

Vanilla v5 has a clean & deep integration with OpenStreeMap, the most advanced alternative to GoogleMap. I won’t burn time explaining difference between maps & geolocalisation, some stupid people will keep on trying to explain the difference … let’s focus on result, user side : whatever your interface, you can now enjoy maps inside your document : cube, report, dashboard and Kpi.

OpenStreeMap integration comes together with an impressive Web interface to manage maps, define zone on map, level and relation between maps (for zoom in capacity). The linkage between “maps + zone” and level from dimension (Olap) or Axis (Kpi) is just so smooth that anybody can now integrate maps inside Vanilla documents

Enjoy this series of screenshots …

Vanilla5-Maps-Dashboard Vanilla5-Maps-Dashboard2 Vanilla5-Maps-Kpi

OpenStreetMap integration opens the door to new kind of vizualisation, like geolocalisation of product inside warehouse, localisation inside building & floor level, or any kind of situation where a map is worth hundred reports …

Note : we still support Google Map, and also Flash map (yes, still there …)

Have Fun !