Vanilla 5 – New Features 4 – Big Data Analysis Platform

Dear Readers,

With Vanilla 5, we had interesting upgrade of our Api & infrastructure, for example (simple one) : we moved to Birt 4.3 (our plugin, Reporting, Dashboard, Olap).

One Key Feature is the special edition of Vanilla 5, Vanilla 5 Big Data Analysis Platform, that provide support for Hadoop, and has been certified with the leading Hadoop commercial vendor HortonWorks and Cloudera (in fact, our 3 platforms : Vanilla (Bi), BiGateway (Etl) and AklaBox (DM) have been certified).

Cetification process validated our compliance with components such as Impala (for Cloudera only), Hdfs, Solr/Cloud, Pig, Hbase, etc … the most popular components of Hadoop.

Vanilla certified Platforms

Vanilla certified Platforms

Vanilla 5 Big Data Analysis Platform provides you with a full featured solution to

  • access, extract, blend data from any datasource, including but not limited to big data database, social data, wheather or financial data, etc …
  • build interactive report, dashboard or analysis using those blended data,
  • create data mining and forecast models on top of those blended data
Vanilla Big Data Analysis

Vanilla Big Data Analysis

… let’s talk later about Analysis & Data Mining model inside Hadoop, as it’s a subject in itself … and we have strong experience and big references on this subject,

Have Fun !