Vanilla 5 – New Features 3 – Vanilla for Excel

Dear Readers,

Some of you, bi developers or bi consumers & users, are addicted to Excel, and for pecific data manipulation, let’s be clear : what is better and more flexible than Excel ? I worked before in structures where they tried to kill Excel … no success (especially when the alternative was to deploy a budget & control application, not enough flexible).

Vanilla Metadata is an awesome package to map your datawarehouse data and to provide business view of those data. Metadata Explorer (see new feature 2) is our Web interface to unlock user access to those data. Vanilla for Excel goes even further, as it provides :

  • Metadata exploration : access to data source (secured data, abstract layer)
  • ETL Feature : Possibility to load data (from Excel spreadsheet) into database tables (creation of an Etl process)
  • Reporting Feature : creation of reports using data from different Metadata folders (filter, group)
  • Cube support : possibility to explore cubes and build custom reports on those cube views
  • KPI Management : manage your axis and load your measure from the Excel interface … another easy way to manage your kpi infrastrcuture

Enjoy this series of screenshots …

Etl Feature : data import

Etl Feature : data import

Reporting Features

Reporting Features

Olap Features

Olap Features

Kpi Features

Kpi Features

What else can you do now that you can use Excel to access any kind of data stored in your datawarehouse ? Now that you can buidling report and olap multi-dimension view, maybe it’s time to considere having a learning machine working on your data ?  There are some friendly Add-Ins that provides DataMining Features (cluster, linear regression, …) for some hundreds of euros … just keep it in mind …

Have fun !



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