Vanilla 5 – New Features 1 – Vanilla Kpi

Dear Readers,

Let’s start exploring Vanilla 5 with a new feature which is not really a new feature as it’s more a reborn of a module : Vanilla Kpi.

Our module FreeMetrics, first available in 2008 and deployed since that time, has been rewritted to give birth to Vanilla Kpi (amazing I found on my blog some post from 2008 on FreeMetrics), a comprehensive module to design, manage and deploy Kpi at enterprise level.

Concept is still the same : managing KPI, using dictionary, axis, measures and objectives (sorry for some other Bi platform, that don’t even have a Kpi repository & dictionary … how can you claim to have Kpi module ?). Using our experience of Kpi projects (since 2008 with FreeMetrics !), we rewrote Vanilla Kpi to match with the latest concepts of Kpi platforms, together with supporting Vanilla key features : dimension, secure metadata, integration with dashboard, reporting and cubes, OSM maps integration.

From our WebSite, you can find some information on Vanilla Kpi. You will be surprised to see that Kpi application, which takes hundred of days to develop and deploy with “non Kpi BI platforms” can take only 20 to 30 days to be in production, using Vanilla Kpi. Productivity and integration are the key words : you need to get your application up & running in a couple of months, not years !

Vanilla Kpi

Vanilla Kpi

If you need to build your own reports and dashboards on your kpi data, Vanilla Kpi database structure is available through either an open API, or directly using our Vanilla Dashboard, Report or Cube packages … integration of secured data and development studios lead to more productivity : you can deploy a complex dashboard that will support custom security for hundred of groups in a few days.

Vanilla Kpi empowers your datawarehouse architecture, by setting direct connection with your datamarts, taking advantage of the existing star schema with their dimension, level and measures capacities. Best of the bread : you can manage your dimensions & measures directly from our Vanilla for Excel Add-Ins … just as simple as using Excel !

Vanilla for Excel, KPI Add-ins

Vanilla for Excel, KPI Add-ins

Have Fun !