Bpm-Conseil, the company behind the Vanilla Project

Dear Readers,

There was an interesting paper from Forrester about the Open Source BI landscape, after the news about Pentaho-Hitachi deal. From this link, you can only preview a summary of the content (yes, you have to pay to access the full content), and I encourage you to invest on this document, because it clearly explain that Open Source Business intelligence had a big shift over the last few months.

Thanks to Forrester Analysts, my company, Bpm-Conseil, had a focus and was classified as “the last fully independent open source BI project“, with nice comment inside the paper. Just before the release of Vanilla v5, it’s a recognation of our work, and our position in the market. We are not an amalgamation of differents projects : we wrote our modules, like any software editors, and we can provide support on those modules (from ETL to Olap/Dashboard, through KPI / Reporting and WorkFlow/Portal components). It means : modules are consistent, easy to learn, already integrated (security, datasource, scheduler/workflow, backup, etc …), supported as a platform.

As a software editor, and just before the next challenges (Java8, Windows10, New browsers era, IOT …), we keep making the difference between our development model (Open Source) and our economic model (software editor). Work with us, don’t waste your time to ask us to work for free for you : our time has value, like yours. Our Vanilla platform will save you a lot of time in your development, this time has value.

I remember a recent flight where I discussed with a Microsoft consultant about Microsoft Office versus Open Office : time has value … and the money you invest in Microsoft Office, you get the ROI in a few days, because your productivity increases. It’s true with Office, and I’m proud to notice it’s also true with Vanilla, when it comes to Business Intelligence subjects.

Have Fun,