Vanilla 5 & Big Data

Dear Readers,

Vanilla Big Data Analysis, version 5, provides a unified Business Oriented Solution to :

  • blend any kind of data (production, bigdata, life data)
  • build any kind of visualization (dashboard, maps, kpi)
  • create any kind of data mining or forecasting model, based on those blended data

Don’t be scared by the new Big Data Challenge … Vanilla Big Data Analysis, version 5, will hide the complexity of the database (how data are stored, how to access data) to provide you with a comprehensive full featured environment where you can play & unlock the power of your data !

Vanilla Big Data Analysis Platform has been certified on Cloudera and HortonWorks, taking advantage and empowering some of the most popular Hadoop components such as Impala, Hbase, Cassandra, Pig, Tez, Mahout, Solfr/Cloud or HDFS … you can enjoy the power of Vanilla with your favorite Hadoop distribution today !

A Map is worth thousand reports … blend your data and enjoy full featured dashboard with maps & interactive Kpi, calculated in real time using Hadoop Yarn process.

Vanilla blended data

Vanilla blended data

For more information, don’t hesitate to drop me a mail !

Have Fun !


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