Back here to Talk about Vanilla version 5

Dear Readers,

That’s little true … 1 year of silence on this blog … leading some of my friends and also Vanilla supporters to ask me if all was going well on the Vanilla project … no worries : we are fine, still alive and kicking (don’t listen to those who always bad mouth, just let them die !).

In fact, those past 12 months have been very busy, working on differents projects – pro & private projects – including Vanilla version 5. And yes, version 5 is soon there (server is already available in beta, and we got multiple precious friendly messages from initial users, thanks again for this), with numerous exciting new features :

  • Full reviewed and flexible management of Key Performance Indicators
  • OpenStreetMap integration for cartographic items in BI visualizations
  • Cloudera and HortonWorks certification for Big Data Analysis
  • Revamping of our advanced full web portal designs for user interfaces improvment
  • Vanilla Add-Ins for Microsoft Office
  • Integration of AklaBox for pushing document to an external document management platform
  • Integration of Agila, a Self-Service Cloud-based Olap & Dashboard Platform
  • And lots of more…

2 last word before closing this first post of 2015 (promise, the first of a long series) :

  • Version 5 is already deployed with 5 customers, in production  (first deployment was last september 2014), those 5 projects using our refreshed module (KPI), and 3 of them having also deployed OSM Maps (with KPI data).
  • A special Thanks to Analysts of Forrester (Boris & Martha) for their recent recommandation to have a close look at Vanilla. That’s an awesome supporting message you gave to us, like a reward of our work over the last 8 years. Thanks again, you deserve your job !
Vanilla 5

Vanilla 5


Have Fun !