New Year 2014 starts with a Vanilla update

Dear Readers,

It’s been just heavy weeks of work during last december and this beginning of year, as we had large projects to deploy in January in France

In parallel, we had to welcome a lot of new customers turning to Vanilla 4.4 to maximize their project ROI and found Vanilla as the best alternative to deploy Reporting and Dashboard at reasonable cost.

So, it’s a pleasure to see that our team members – developers & product manager – were able to release on time an update version for Vanilla 4.4, because with the last minute issues we found (like a postgresql jdbc bug  that we had to turn around), there was high probability this update of platform could gave been delayed.

This release of Vanilla is more a release bug fix that comes along with new features like an automatic grouped list in our Web Reporting interface (a long awaited feature that we finally released, as usual after strong validation to secure its behavior), support of WFS standard for Maps integration and new FreeMetadata features to build and save you own queries, and select on the fly different relationships for each business models (what is usually called alternate join strategy)

You can keep this new release here

I guess Vanilla 4.4.2 will be a successful release … as we have already good signs that 2014 will be a good year for the Vanilla project !

Have Fun !