Vanilla 4.4 – 1 Week after

Dear Readers,

It’s been 1 week since we launched Vanilla 4.4, and result is again very amazing … giving us reward on the direction we took : a reliable secured Bi platform, large set of features, integrated modules, and full open source !

I would like to thank those who sent us friendly messages about Vanilla 4.4 : be certain it’s always a pleasure to receive such message, it’s a proof we meet our customer expectation and we are listening to them.

I wrote same kind of blog in january, 1 week after Vanilla 4.2 launch … so, I did the same kind of analysis, this time with a comparison between this post-week launch and january 2013 (Vanilla 4.4 launch) : Website activity (unique IP) has increase 40%, and number of download for platform has reach 350 in 7 days (it was 200 download for Vanilla 4.2 in january !).

On country origin, France and European countries (still strong from Germany and England with now a big increase from Italy) are those who are making the trafic, but Asian Region (China, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand) and America (Usa, Chili, Brazil) are just behind. New countries also from Africa : Morocco, Cameroon and South Africa (we had discussion with people from those countries, so, it’s no surprise).

Important to notice visitors are browsing more pages, and they are also staying longer on our WebSite (Thanks to the redesign of WebSite from our filipino partners). In parallel, our forum is having some activity, but it’s not a key subject as of today : we provide good software and all the documentations … so, motivated people can always find their way themself (we got question about a packaging problem, that we will solve today) ?

Even we are soon in winter season in Europe, the sun shines bright … I hope you will enjoy playing with Vanilla !

Have Fun !