Vanilla 4.4

Dear Readers,

Vanilla 4.4 is now available, on a key date today 26th october (today is also the birthday of 2 members of our team : Lynn and Heidi !)

Vanilla 4.4 provides new features such as :

  • Hadoop & NoSql support (Etl and Bi modules) : Cassandra, Hbase and MongoDb
  • Support for Birt 4.3 Engine and Birt 4.3 Report Designer
  • Support for Java 7 / Tomcat 7
  • New engines for Workflow and Scheduler
  • New smartphone app to design report directly on your Tablets / Support for disconnected mode for Tablets
  • Support of the latest databases like MySql (version 5.6), MariaDb (10), Oracle (version 12), PostgreSql (version 9.3) and Microsoft SqlServer2008 / SqlServer2012(including AnalysisServices2012)
  • More than 100 new features in different studios : FreeAnalysisSchemaDesigner, FreeDashboard, BiGateWay, Biworkflow, Enterprise Services, Architect …

You can access the new features document

Don’t hesitate to download Vanilla 4.4

We work hard to deliver best quality software on time, don’t hesitate to turn to the only true honest open source business intelligence platform that meet user, admin and developer expectation !

Have Fun !


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